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SEAMEN Milano vs DUCKS Lazio ||1° Division IFL semifinal – Milano, 2018

Milan, 23rd June – Semifinal time, winning this game will get you a free ticket to the SuperBowl 2108 in Parma. The Seamen Milano, home team, will be facing the Lazio Ducks. Do you ever wonder what it feels like to walk on a soft grass field the day of the semifinal at around 5pm while the stadium is still…

DUCKS Lazio vs DOLPHINS Ancona ||1° Division IFL – Roma, 2018

Rome – The Ducks Lazio  fighting for the possibility to get to the semifinal against the Seamen Milano. After three quarters of slow points done from both teams, finally, the Ducks find a way to unlock the game scoring a few TD and fly to the semifinal next weekend in Milan. FULL GALLERY HERE –> GAME ALBUM

DUCKS lazio vs RHINOS ||1° Division IFL – Milano, aprile 2018

Rome, 22nd April 2018 – First of all to make it clear to everybody yes, I traveled the all way to Rome to work at this game. Now that this has been clarified, we are all happy and we can move on; Sunday 22nd on April was quite a hot day, game was at 1 pm so the teams arrived…