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ITALIAN BOWL XXXVII || Seamen Milano vs Giants Bolzano – Parma, 2018

Parma, Lanfranchi Stadium, 6th, 7th and 8th of July –– Three days full of great football for the Italian Bowl weekend, tons of food and beer trucks creating the perfect Tailgate party for all the fans that decided to come all the way to Parma to cheer for their team during the finals. NINE BOWL, Elephants Catania vs Ravens Imola…

Gridiron Experience Camp || Torino, 2018

Turin – A 2 days camp open to anyone who was associated to a team in the IFL (boys and girls) to understand and learn new techniques and drills. Two special guests, and NFL stars, Marshawn Lynch  and Giorgio Tavecchio  and with them the amazing help of the Coaches from the Cal University. Enjoy a few shots of the camp,…

SEAMEN Milano vs DUCKS Lazio ||1° Division IFL semifinal – Milano, 2018

Milan, 23rd June – Semifinal time, winning this game will get you a free ticket to the SuperBowl 2108 in Parma. The Seamen Milano, home team, will be facing the Lazio Ducks. Do you ever wonder what it feels like to walk on a soft grass field the day of the semifinal at around 5pm while the stadium is still…

DUCKS Lazio vs DOLPHINS Ancona ||1° Division IFL – Roma, 2018

Rome – The Ducks Lazio  fighting for the possibility to get to the semifinal against the Seamen Milano. After three quarters of slow points done from both teams, finally, the Ducks find a way to unlock the game scoring a few TD and fly to the semifinal next weekend in Milan. FULL GALLERY HERE –> GAME ALBUM

EFL SEMIFINAL || SEAMEN Milano vs BLACK PANTHERS Thonon || – Milano, 2018

Milan, 2018 – One of the most important European games: the EFL Semifinal against the Seamen Milano and the Black Panthers Thonon. Adrenalin, excitement,  just a few feelings that you could feel while walking into the stadium and that hot Saturday evening. Seamen led a really good game winning it, and flying to the final against the Potsdam Royals. FULL…

SEAMEN Milano vs UTA Pesaro ||1° Division IFL – Milano, 2018

Seamen Milano just literally ”ran over” the poor UTA Pesaro team with a fantastic win 50-0 that brings the Milan team to the semifinal with a perfect season (10-0). Next game will be, as I said, the semifinal aginst the winning team between the Lazio Ducks and the Ancona Dolphins.   FULL GALLERY HERE –> GAME ALBUM  

SPLEEN ORCHESTRA – TIM BURTON show || Busto Arsizio, february 2018

”Un circo freak all’insegna 
dell’immaginario Timburtonesco. Atmosfere gotico fiabesche 
e brani tratti dai più celebri film 
di Tim Burton eseguiti dal vivo” Una band di formata da otto elementi accompagnata da un’allestimento scenico imponente, trucchi, costumi, scenografie ed effetti speciali che guidano lo spettatore in un viaggio Timburtonesco. The Spleen Orchestra nasce dalla passione del pianista-compositore Silvano Spleen per la…