Miami Dolphins Training Camp 2018 || NFL – Miami, FL

Miami, FL – As many of you may know the NFL teams have been busy getting back on to the field at Training Camp.

Most of the teams started late July and will keep training everyday till the beginning of August, getting ready for the pre season games and the season itself.

The Miami Dolphins started their Training Camp on the 26th of July at the famous Training Facility at  Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Miami. The team will be having their last camp training on the 14th of August, and everything will be ready fot their first regular season game will be on the 9th of September against the Tennessee Titans at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

You know the quote ”work hard in silence, and let the your success be the noise”, well Ii think it is a pretty fitted quote for me right now. I’ve been dreaming since I could remember I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up, and I’ve been working hard since 2011 studying photography in New Zealand, United stated and Italy, trying the get the most out of all the experiences I had, There was a moment where I realized  photography was like a therapy for me, that’s when I started photographing American Football on fields in Italy. My journey with Football in Italy has been crazy, traveling around the county in any type of weather or at any time of the day. I’ve been a fan of football since I was a kid; I remember a younger me a few years ago watching the games at the TV and dreaming of being on that perfect warm green field, surrounded by thousands of screaming fans cheering for their team, feeling the tension of the players during the game, that was my dream and since I could remember I’ve been working towards it, doing y best to achieve it. I can say that hard work pays off, this opportunity  is just the beginning, it’s just a trampoline for me to fly further.

There is a time in everyone’s life where you realize that what you are doing is right, that all the doubts you have been having are just going to fade away, because it’s right just how you are doing it.

Well I won’t go on too much, but I am so dam grateful to been able to travel all the way to Miami, Florida to work with the Miami Dolphins during their training camp.


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