EFL FINAL || SEAMEN Milano vs POTSDAM Royals – Milano, 2018

Milan 2018 – Ever had that weird feeling, like someone is punching your stomach, just out of excitement? Just by crossing the big gate and walking onto that soft green grass perfectly cut?

Well that’s how I felt the second my foot touched the grass, closing my eyes for a second trying to make it go away or at least calm down, zooming out of all the noise, out of all the guys on the field throwing the ball around and warming up for the big game coming up.

As I positioned my self in the middle of the field, as my usual, waiting for the Seamen team to make its entrance, the weird feeling came back but it wasn’t alone, goose bumps and sparkling eyes as the guys lined up at the beginning of the field linking arms and moving slowly doing the ‘seamen wave’; two big flags were fluttering, an Italian one and the usual seamen flag with their logo. I got woken up from my thoughts by the sound of the little fireworks lighting up for the team entrance. In a matter of seconds the team was running around me towards the middle of the field, the air was filled with white, green and red smoke, the crowd cheering and the guys pumping up.

The game was tight since the very beginning, but sadly didn’t go as well as everyone hoped for the home team (seamen milano) that just lost it in the last 29 seconds after being the leader during the all second half.

The last 29 seconds seemed the longest seconds in my whole life, the feeling was back, but this time was more because of anxiety, my heart was about to get out of my chest.

As the referee called the end of the game I was literally shuttered, I didn’t play, but being a part of something this big, such as being the photographer makes you feel something, makes you feel like you are part of a big family, makes you nervous, happy and sad at the same time as the players. It’s a weird feeling I know, and not many of you will understand, but I hope you will someday, cause makes you feel complete, makes you feel like you’re doing it right.

Walking around the field at the end of the game I had a knot in my throat and shimmery eyes as I was surrounded by the Seamen players, some where hugging each others and crying, a few decided to just stay away from the group and cry on their own; It was so emotional, the crowd was cheering the home team chanting the Seamen name and clapping from the stands waving flags.



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