MIKE TRAMP & Band of Brothers || Milano, aprile 2018

Milan, Italy – The 30th of April Mike Tramp and Band of Brothers held an amazing come back concert at the Legends Club in Milan.

Michael Trempenau, known as Mike Tramp (born January 14, 1961), is a Danish singer and songwriter who is best known for his work with the hard rock bands, White Lion and Freak of Nature. Since 1998, he released several solo albums. He returned with a full band line up in 2015 and in 2017 released the album “Maybe Tomorrow” which charted at #1 in Denmark.

His accent may blend his Danish roots with the twang of Brooklyn where he had his greatest professional success, but former White Lion and Freak of Nature singer Mike Tramp is very much an Anglophile.


For a while, the shows were just him and an acoustic guitar, but a few years back a young band Lucer backed him, and this time a more seasoned trio of Danish friends, dubbed the Band of Brothers, provided a full electric backing band. It seems the ideal compromise.
There was a number of ‘old fans’ wearing vintage White Lion T-shirts wanting to relive their youth, which Mike really liked, but ‘Tell Me’ created a great atmosphere engendered by the ‘who-o-oh’ chanting of the many fans.

A simple setting of the stage was the best decision to let the fans enjoy the music at its best. Surprisingly The Legend Club was full, many fans from around Europe ended up in Milan for this spectacular show.

I personally never thought Mike would be so grateful to the crowd, the fans. It was so amazing to see so many happy faces singing their laughs out to all the songs, it seemed that every single person in the club become a kid again, clear eyes and smiles.
If you find yourself with some spare time and close to Germany, I really suggest you to enjoy his show with a cold beer in your hands. It’s worthy I swear.



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