DUCKS lazio vs RHINOS ||1° Division IFL – Milano, aprile 2018

Rome, 22nd April 2018 – First of all to make it clear to everybody yes, I traveled the all way to Rome to work at this game. Now that this has been clarified, we are all happy and we can move on; Sunday 22nd on April was quite a hot day, game was at 1 pm so the teams arrived on the field three hours before for usual warm up and taping.

As I got of the train in Rome I could feel the heat coming out of the concrete under my feet.  Arriving at the field was easy, personally not the best field the Rome Teams have played in but we get what we have. Game ended with a Rhinos win of a few points over the Roman team.

FULL GALLERY HERE —> Ducks lazio vs Rhinos || full gallery

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