ÁRNI ÁRNASON (the Vaccines) || Milano, marzo 2018

Árni Árnason, bassist from The Vaccines, performed a really intimate show with his Girlfriend at the Ostello Bello in Milan on Wednesday night.

7th of march was Árni’s first time in italy as a solo artist preforming a punk hawaian set to heat up the cold Italian days.

I was greeted by chocolate cake’s smell while walking into the Ostello Bello and making my way downstair to the ‘on stage room’; I was surprised by the set up of the location, dark teal green walls and floor surrounded by bright yellow stools and a pretty fancy green wallpaper with toucans on it.

At the far corner of the room there was Árni, standing on the small stage for the soundcheck. As I walked closer I could notice how the stage was arranged, a big striped carpet, a small teal coloured sofa where Árni was sitting surrounded by small plants.

Throughout the hours before the show I had a long chat with him while shooting a few portraits for my project.
Having to do with artists like this and in this way, so relaxed and making them feel like home, is probably what I like the most of my job.

The show started and KUMI and the Triumph of Løve, with her warm, astonishing voice and songs in different languages, opened the scene warming up the room.

Árni was soon on stage bringing his warm smile followed by a cheering crowd. With the indie rock mood from ‘The Vaccines’ mixed to a more punish and hawaiian sound, Árni, ‘hypnotised’ the crowd of the Ostello Bello and soon everyone was dancing around clapping hands.

One of my personal favourite songs he played live was ‘Bore You With My Melody’, this soft groovy melody with his warm voice and his girlfriend chorus vocals make you fall in a moody state of peace, that soon will be broken by the use of synths filling up the song making the crowd want to dance around.

If you have the opportunity I do recommend you to check out his solo project and maybe even seeing him live. Ending a day with a concert like his, is definitely a good way to erase the stress of a busy day!





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