AS IT IS || Milano, march 2018

As It Is, a British pop punk band based in Brighton, England, formed in 2012.
The group consists of lead vocalist Patty Walters, guitarist and vocalist Ben Langford-Biss, bassist Alistair Testo, and drummer Patrick Foley

As It Is with a “melodic and emo-inspired” sound smashed the stage on March 2nd in Milan, opening the concert with ‘Hey Rachel’ filled with power and all the great vibes Patty brings on stage each time. The sit list was personally well organised with a good mix of songs from the latest album ‘Okay’ leaving space for some of the classic As It Is hits like ‘Dial Tones’, Cheap Shots & Setbacks’ and ‘Can’t Save My Self’ that were sand loudly by the crowd.
Lead singer and band decided to add two more songs to the setlist. As they walked back on stage, all the light were down just one single yellowish light was colouring the stage from behind the drum set, Patty set a different mood, to the show that was about to end, with a really emotional and touching speech just before ‘Okay’ thanking the fans for the constant support throughout everything and letting them know ‘‘we all go trough something and we all find a way out of it’’ just as Lead singer said to the crowd.
Surrounded by a full singing crowd lead singer Patty, just jumped in the crowd ending the show with his killer dancing moves.
Seeing a band putting their fans first and giving them exactly what they want is, I think, the most amazing thing ever. The way they care about what they do, about their fans, about their crew and even about the photographers in the pit is mesmerising. Knowing that a band wants to thank you, the photographer, for what you do is probably one of the best thing that happened at the beginning of this concert. True musicians and great people.
There was no let-up, pure musicians, full and pure energy, and you can see how much they love what they do. This band is destined to do great things, and I for one will be seeing them again.





All rights reserved @Andi King Photography 

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