WHILE SHE SLEEPS || Milano, January 2018

While She Sleeps are an English metalcore band from Sheffield. Their third album, You Are We, was released on 21 April 2017.
The room went black. The stage went black. You could feel the electricity in the air. Frontman, Lawrence Taylor, burst onto the stage with so much energy, it radiated from him, and everyone could feel it alongside the rest of the band. Opening with the title track “You Are We”, the audience had already started going crazy, with countless crowd surfers before the first song had even finished.
Halfway through the set, Lawrence proceeded to jump into the crowd. Alongside his singing and crowd surfing, he clearly has no qualms about getting up close and personal with his fans.
They put the fans first and give them exactly what they want. From the minute they walked on stage to the very last minute, there was no let-up, pure musicianship, pure energy, and you can see that they love it as do the fans. This band is destined for great things, and I for one will be seeing them again.
Personally was amazed by those bands, if you can’t make it to any of their live shows, do yourself a massive favour, check out their music, it’s worth it.




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