PVRIS || Magazzini Generali – 4 Novembre 2017

PVRIS (pronounced Paris) is an American rock band from Lowell, Massachusetts formed by members Lynn Gunn, Alex Babinski, and Brian MacDonald.

The band formed originally under the name Paris but later changed it to PVRIS in the summer of 2013 citing legal reasons. They have released a self-titled EP, an acoustic EP, before signing to Rise and Velocity Records and released their single “St. Patrick” in June 2014 along with a music video. They released their debut album, White Noise, in November 2014. On August 25, 2017, they released their second album All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell.

The 4th of November, PVRIS had the first ever concert in Milan at the Magazzini Generali. Even tho a lot of the critics were not positives on the concert, I have to admit that they are a really cool band to see live, great techniques playing instruments and singing live. My expectations weren’t high because I’ve only heard them on the recorded album but I came out really happy and satisfied after the concert.

The Venue was probably one of the best in terms of where to move as a photographer, great the fact that I could stay in the PIT just in front of the stage and also move all the way up where the mixers were was fantastic and useful for  me to get different shots from different locations.

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Cover photo: Lynn Gunn by Andi King Photography


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